Slate Barn Arts is a project to develop a majestic 18th century barn into a purposeful home for the creation, development and teaching of physical theatre.

A rural Suffolk based organisation, our vision is to evolve and enlarge communities’ engagement with the world of physical theatre, and the benefits of artistic practise, storytelling and the natural world.

As a registered Community Interest Company, Slate Barn Arts is committed to ensuring all that we do works for the benefit and wellbeing of both the communities we serve and live within. We aim equally to share our gifts of teaching and creation, and provide a welcoming space for others to do the same. Our practise is mindful of the limited opportunities within the local community, particularly for children and young people, and the economically disadvantaged, to which we offer workshops with concessionary fees, and placements by way of bursary.

The activities of Slate Barn Arts will be intentionally curated to meaningfully connect the local community to national and international artists. With mutual benefit, the learning goes both ways, where skills and creations are practiced and shared with the community local to the barn, before artists return to practice and perform in their own communities and beyond.

Slate Barn will be a space of artistic exchange where both visiting artists and the surrounding community-members inspire each other and deepen their imagination of what is possible in the world.



Developing residential facilities for the performing arts community

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Slate Barn Arts are developing a beautiful 18th century barn into a unique and purposeful home for the creation, rehearsal and teaching of physical theatre, and the engagement of creative learning within an inspiring natural environment. Working with local and international partners and participants, visitors to Slate Barn will be engaged with exceptional teaching methods, and the masterful craft of enlivening theatrical performances.

  • The School - theatre workshops and classes

  • Retreat for performance companies/artists

  • Rehearsal/creation space for resident theatre companies and affiliates

  • Intimate performance for the local community