Slate Barn Arts runs regular classes for the local community of all age groups.


Flip the Flop

Theatre Games & Creation

2nd and 4th Saturday of every month

6.30 pm-9.30 pm

Pay What You Can for each session.

Fortnightly ‘Flip the Flop’ Sessions in which Samuel Gaulier and Amy Gibbons teach and direct theatre to adults of all ages and levels of experience. The sessions are 3 hours long, including time to warm up body and voice, and enjoy a refreshment break.

These evening sessions, as well as being a light and fun introduction to the art of theatre, are an opportunity for amateurs and professionals to work alongside each other in a friendly and fun environment. People of varying ages can develop and build confidence in the art with a view to performance if they choose, potentially being involved in a ‘Revue’ style performance at Slate Barn Arts.

It's a great way to feel connection with others and the wider arts community whilst exploring your own creativity.

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